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Install crack PC Game

(Yes, its pirated, don’t tell me to get the orig. copy and stuff, I’m in the Philippines and no one buys orig. PC games here) My friend gave me a. show more (Yes, its pirated, don’t tell me to get the orig. copy and stuff, I’m in the Philippines and no one buys orig. PC games here) My friend gave me a pirated game disk of Dishonored and I installed both disks. The only problem is, I don’t understand what to do when it comes to cracking pirated games.

My friend is very tech savvy and I also have Skyrim but he was there to help me install it then and use the crack but i wasn’t really paying much attention until the game actually played.

He actually told me how to use the crack but didn’t elaborate enough.

And now, IDK what to do, when I click on Crack, 2 folders appear, one says «Binaries», the other said «crack». I’ve read others like this in YA but the answers weren’t thorough or clear enough.


1. just open the crack folder and copy those files in it.

2. open the folder where the game is installed (.exe file of the game) OR if there’s an icon (shortcut of the game)in your desktop, —right click—>properties—> open file location

3. paste the crack file and replace existing file or update all.

some works , some might work. just give it a try

good luck kabayan 😀

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This is the beginners guide on how to install and crack pc games. if you have a question leave a comment.

47 comments to How to Install and Crack PC Games..

I need the license key for dragon ball Raging Blast 2 please

I can not download this game! is there anyone who can help me!

gangster 2 rar şifresi nedir

how to install pes game on my pc

what is the activition key for pes2015

What is the pass for Diablo 3 Ros xfullgames4u is not working

what is the cd key for war front game

please give me the password game off road drive.. i can’t extrack it,, please

Password is : xfullgames4u

where the password dead state?

i have finished downloaded metal gear solid 2

but i don’t know the rar password…anyone can help me please!

I have tried what i can do to installed the application but no avail. what can i realy do to enable me install the app.

i can’t extract 🙁 please help me admin

Your hard drive is full so there is nowhere to put the files.

hawx2 does not load after installing and applying the Tiyiso crack. do I need an Internet connection

the games Republique Remastered is not work

i have a problem with MSVCR110.dll is missing from your computer..

go to your and download the full directX which is new

ty for the answer

why i cant cracked The.Red.Solstice game it keep telling me that i need permission from “tout le monde” the owner to move steam_api.dll to another folder.

this site is ok but i prefer they tell you how to install and is fast downloads

Please don’t post other crack websites on this one.

ar password for dark souls 2

i have downloaded settlers 3 gold edition. when i am trying to run the setup it asks for a password. can i please know the password to install the game

I downloaded the two rars for Arcanum. How do I proceed from there? When I tried extracting the second rar, the screen keeps on telling me that the setup_arcanum file is broken. I’m running a Windows 8.1 computer by the way.Thanks

I downloaded the total war shogun gold edition, when i’ve tried to extrack it, a lock comes up and looking for a password. Please help me with this problem. Thank you.

it happens to me too..i download the medieval kingdom 2 total war…but don’t know the password..whats the password. answer this admin for fuck sake

there are 8 rar files which have files with same filenames in them. How do I install?

How to install a downloaded game by torrent file:

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omg thank you so much

the thing is there is no crack file and cdrom is empty. what do i do

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