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Crack Touch Screen

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its a odd size, so finding a replacement would be difficult, so i was wondering if its possible to repair the crack in the touch layer and make it work again?

i doubt its possible but its worth a shot to ask i guess.

its a pressure sensitive resistive touch screen.

I repaired a resistive screen, but I don’t think you can do a capacitance one.

do you know where i can get that resin? and how exactly did you do it? did you have to seperate the layers of the touch layer?

The special UV curing glues are water clear, and I had some. Ordinary «superglue» may well work too.

i found a model number on the touch screen but being a chinese manufcturer of course nothing will show up on google :/

i attached pictures so you can see the touch screen in question.

You’re in luck. That’s a resistive touchscreen. Try gluing the glass.

do i apply the glue all at once? to the backside of the touch screen? thats where theres nothing covering it.

or do i have to seperate the layers of the resistive screen and repair them one by one and put it back together?

well i tried but the touch screen still isnt working..

i remembered what lemonie said, that the electrical connection goes around the perimeter of the screen, and the smaller piece was a bit floppy, i fear that the strips of whatever they are around the edges are broken and thus make the touch screen inoperative. i guess this is a thing for the parts bin until i find a touch screen from something like a ds to fiddle with.

my mobile phone fall down and unfortunately my touch screen is cracked. Partially its unresponsive to touch, but LCD is totally OK.

I contacted authorised service centre and they told me, that its only possible to change the whole screen with LCD, not just digitizer (because of adhesive between). Of course, its quite expensive. Thats why I ask for advice. I found on ebay just Digitizer for my phone, but I am not sure, if I will be able to replace it.

Do you have some manual or good advice?

Is this a good question?

My iPhone 5 got replaced screen the other day and not its mysteriously cracking and not the is a line crack in the middle of the screen and it is stopping the bottom of the screen working. i replaced it because it was badly cracked but not problems still worked but now a tiny crack is stopping it from working I really don’t get it and i cant afford another £50 to get it replaced again.

This is what happened to my iphone 5! It was badly cracked, I got it replaced nearly last week, it was working ok, but honestly really slow, and freezing constantly, but it was still working. Today, I noticed a long crack line down the screen, that I have never noticed before. all of a sudden, it wont respond at all, literally at all! I can’t pay $150 again.. this is the 3rd time I’ve gotten it fixed by the same guy, and they charged me $150 each time.. now it’s not working?! over 1 crack! I don’t know what to do.

Hi. I dropped my iPhone 5c last night. When I dropped it, the screen was totally cracked. And the screen was also glitching. After a while. A red light appeared by the earpiece when it wasn’t even near water. And now the screen won’t turn on. Only a black light. What is wrong and what can I do to fix it

Well my advice it and do not do it yourself. Go to your service center and get it replaced. In future use a good quality tempered glass screen protector having 9H hardness rating for protection. You may consult this

Our Lenovo S8-50LC tablet had been dropped on the concrete-floor and its touchscreen was cracked. Although the LCD is unbroken, the display seems non-responsive to touch. Several commerce site is selling just the touchscreen for my tablet model. Can anybody tell if just the touchscreen is repairable without changing the LCD for the particular tablet model (Lenovo S8-50LC)?

My phone’s touch screen is broken too. It didnt fell or anything like it so im confused why it suddenly broke. please someone help me.

My asus zenfone 4 T001 phone screen was cracked because it was fall to the floor and cracked, in one month the touch screen it still ok, i still can drag and tap it, but, after two month again, the screen it unresponsive, it not usually happened but it was hard to touch it, i have fix the screen before, but it still error, please help me, i have fix my phone screen for one time and it still cracked, can you give me the solution because it not work. Thank you.

I don’t know what to do My iphone 5c is cracked in the corner and diagnal and the whole right side will not work only the left and not the top of the right side or the bottom

So I dropped My iphone 5c at school and the right corner of the screen was popping out and the screen was cracked Diagnally I tried to see if the screen worked and only the left side worked the top right of the screen and the bottom right of the screen doesn’t work can somebody Answer this and tell me what to do

I think that you should buy a new one.

I cant touch my idol 3 it crack it wont let me touch the screen like I can’t even touch nothing on screen

My iPad is cracked and my tocuh is not working and I can not put my password in is there a chance a cheap place could fix that problem?

I just suddenly noticed a cracking down my Android nexus 7 tablet and it is not reposting, it won’t work and even if I restart it, it still won’t work, anyone got advice please?

And if I I don’t want back it all than

Me too, but i’m with OTG and wireless mouse and works but sadly you can’t play fpsgames like mcpe and terraria, only normal games like Clash of Clans or Clash Royale

The same thing happened with my phone. I got my phone fixed a while back in July. It’s common for people to put on faulty phone screens when they go to fix them. It has gotten scratches on it here and there, and that makes it mess up occasionally. However, today I found a weird crack in it. It’s not that deep but it’s right in the middle of my screen. I haven’t dropped my phone for maybe months but it’s right in the middle of the screen. It’s about an inch long. I’m not sure if it’s a crack or a scratch and I’m worried it’ll mess up my phone again.

You all need to get «SELF-HEALING CARBON FIBER FILM»(CFF) screen protectors. NO tempered glass, NO «HD» plastic. Look for brands like Ghost Armor/XtremeGuard.

I’ve been putting XtremeGuard protectors on everything I can since 2009 and I’ve never broken a screen with CFF on it. TONS of drops on gravel, concrete, face down and far, but never once got a crack, scratch or anything. I broke my band new tablet in under a week because I didn’t wait till I’d put a screen protector on to use it. On my Galaxy Note 4 (just upgraded from it last month) that I used every day for almost 4 years, the first screen protector lasted for 2 1/2 years, the second one is still on it.

4 years of use and the screen doesn’t have a scratch. I’m not getting paid or anything, I don’t work for the screen protector industry or any nefarious weirdness, I’m just a very satisfied customer who wants everyone going from one broken screen to the next to know how to end the cycle. At least it can help prevent it from breaking again.

Even with a ZAGG glass protector, the glass on the screen is cracked. Now, the screen where the crack is located, keeps signaling that it is being commanded to do something. Like a «ghost» is touched nh the screen. I have a key pad attached, however, it boots that aside. I have pushed the power button and volume button simultaneously and rebooting. I have tried to «gently» pushing the back approx. 1-2 mm forward, to maybe «lift the glass a bit. I have tried pushing on the edges of the screen and moving the mouse on the key pad, and that worked for about 10 seconds, but then the touch screen «takes possession» again. I basically just want to figure out:

A.) IsThere a way to manipulate the touch screen and get into a menu where I can disable it and just use the key pad.

B.)Or if there is a way to attach a storage device and bypass the menu and load my data onto an external device.

The place where I bought it said regardless if they can get the data off or not, it will cost 80-100 bucks. I have ordered a replacement surface, thankfully for the fact that I had bought the warranty for the device. but I need my data switched to my new device. Is there a way? Thanks for any advice or guidance! 🙂

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