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Уважаемый гость, на данной странице Вам доступен материал по теме: Crack Fix Dirt 3. Скачивание возможно на компьютер и телефон через торрент, а также сервер загрузок по ссылке ниже. Рекомендуем также другие статьи из категории «Патчи».

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Crack Fix Dirt 3

Обновлено 24.05.11! Добавлен crack для DiRT 3.

Судя по рекламным роликам DiRT 3 так и норовит понравится как лучший раллийный симулятор (естественно, в игре присутствуют и другие виды заездов).

nodvd для DiRT 3 crack

Графическая составляющая просто шикарна.

Кряк для DiRT 3 nodvd

Разработчики уверяют, что проделали огромную работу по доведению характеристик разнообразных гоночных автомобилей до их реально существующих двойников.

Crack для DiRT 3 ключ (серийный номер)

Dirt 3 Complete Edition + CRACKFIX | MacOSX Free Download

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Running on MacBook Air 2014 with OSX 10.9 and I can’t open the Complete Edition. Says it’s broken and it moves to trash. Please fix the tutorial

2. use The Unarchiver to unzip

Can some please explain in detail where and how to crack the game, Thanks.

Hi I’ve cracked it and it says the game crashed and it wont open but is stuck on the dock bar. Please help.

General troubleshooting to resolve common issues

It doesn’t work for me. it doesn’t open, i read the tutorial and did the crackfix thingy but nothing works 🙁

The app dont open , always when you tray to open it , stay jumping.

General troubleshooting to resolve common issues

Open Terminal, type xattr -dr

followed by a space, then drag the game folder into the Terminal window, and press enter

oh it works for me now! thanks van!

Yes!! Van you’re right! that’s the way XD Thanks

what kind of folder that you drag in to terminal?

Thank you, it worked!

MacGyver Is THE Best. Thanks for making life so much easier with your easy tutorials and by using MEGA. Thanks for everything. We need more talented and respectful people like you. You always reply to comments. Even if its the same question over and over.(How do I install this game. ) Dude, Honestly, keep up the good work.

thank you soooo much for this awesome site….THXTHXTHX

all games works fine ! ! !

what did you do? my icon keep jumping

logo is missing, cant replace the crackfix 🙁

hey! i ‘ve done all that you said in tuturials and it keeps jumping… what s next? thanks

not possible open “Dirt 3 Complete Edition” by the apps powerpc not compatible.

is it working on the macbook pro 13 (intel HD 4000) ?

It Isn’t work, when I try to start, the program stay starting …

N’ then nothing happen.

iMac 5K i5 3.3 GHz

AMD R9 M290 2048MB

tried installing Dirt 3, but did not succeed , when I thought I had achieved when opening the application , says the power PC applications are missing !

Can anyone help ?

running on macbook pro mid 12 with osx 10.10.3 and it says “You can’t open the application “DiRT 3 Complete Edition” because it is not supported on this type of Mac.”

DiRT 3 Complete Edition could not be run because the file “logo/logo.bmp” is missing from the installation. Please re-install and try again.

Never mind I found the problem

how do you solve it? I have the same problem

How did you do it please

I’ve got the same problem . I don’t know what to do please help me

DiRT 3 Complete Edition could not be run because the file “logo/logo.bmp” is missing from the installation. Please re-install and try again.

Can anyone help me? I cant pass through the splitting of the 🙁

can someone plz tell me step by step what to do cuz i dont understand the tutorial.

Impossible d’ouvrir l’application DiRT 3 Complete Edition

Unable to open DiRT application 3 Complete Edition

logo/logo.bmp missing how to fix

Hi My Dirt 3 Is Keeps Jumping on my dock

Please help! I replace the Dirt 3 withe the cracked one but i have a message telling The application “Dirt 3” can’t be opened. Im in Sierra Thanks in advance

I finally found the solution by following this guy’s explanation

Do the modification in Info.Plist file and it works

Octuber 2017, OS Hight Sierra 10.13 MPB Mid 2012

What ai did: with the internal hard drive formated with lower case (Name of my hard drive: osx )

1.Copy DiRT 3 Complete to /Applications/Games

2.Copy the crackfix, DiRT 3 Complete Edition to Contents>MacOS

3.On terminal sudo chmod -R 777 /Applications/Games/

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