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Auslogics Software keygen 9

Auslogics BoostSpeed Full Crack

Auslogics BoostSpeed Full Crack adalah suatu software yang dapat anda gunakan untuk memperbaiki dan meningkatkan performa laptop anda hingga mencapai titik maksimal. Software ini secara otomatis akan meningkatkan kinerja laptop anda dari berbagai aspek. Berbagai macam fitur tune up sudah tersedia lengkap di dalam program Auslogics BoostSpeed Full ini. Kini anda tidak perlu lagi bermasalah dengan laptop anda yang lemot atau harddisk yang penuh karena banyaknya file sampah di pc atau laptop anda. Program Auslogics BoostSpeed Full ini akan mendeteksi semua permasalahan tersebut dan menyelesaikannya dengan beberapa klik saja.

Segera tinggalkan permasalahan laptop yang lemot karena banyaknya file sampah yang tersimpan, registry yang rusak, atau mungkin penggunaan memory yang berlebihan di laptop anda. Cukup dengan menggunakan Auslogics BoostSpeed Full ini dan laptop anda akan kembali ke performa yang maksimal layaknya baru anda instal ulang. Software Auslogics BoostSpeed Full ini juga dapat anda gunakan untuk mempercepat koneksi internet dengan memaksimalkan pengaturan yang ada secara otomatis.

  • Speed Up PC With BoostSpeed

Modify Windows settings, file system and services to greatly increase system performance. Increase startup and shutdown speed, disable annoying CD autorun and error reporting features. BoostSpeed will keep monitoring your system for possible optimizations and let you know if such optimizations are possible. You can also run the System Optimization Wizard to periodically optimize your PC.

  • Speed Up Internet

    Adjust your PC for faster images, music and software downloads, increased browsing speed and reliable Internet connections. View your download speed and graphs. To gain additional performance boost you can also turn on DNS Optimization.

  • Block Banner Advertisements

    Tired of annoying banner advertisements accompanying many web sites? Now you can eliminate advertisements and also speed up your Internet browsing with BoostSpeed Banner Killer! You can add your own web sites to the black list to block them from showing their advertisements.

  • Keep Disk and Registry Clean

    Get rid of junk on the disks and registry of your PC. Remove hazardous and space-wasting files left by untidy programs and crashes of your system. Dramatically increase the performance of your PC by cleaning, optimizing and defragmenting local disks and registry.

  • Optimize Memory and Appearance

    Badly written applications constantly steal memory without giving it back. That’s why your PC becomes unstable with time and you have to reboot. BoostSpeed automatically frees up computer memory to gain additional performance boost. You can also manually recover memory and clipboard.

  • Keep your PC fast and safe

    BoostSpeed will detect most of the popular “PC-slowers” – bundle-software (such as eDonkey or Kazaa) which silently download malware and spyware to your computer, taking up internet traffic and slowing down the system. This will also keep your system safe from prying eyes of spyware programs.

  • Boost Software Products

    BoostSpeed can improve performance of different software products, including Microsoft Office, Internet browsers (such as Internet Explorer, Opera, Mozzila), E-mail clients (*******, The Bat), MSN Messenger, ICQ, Media Player and others.

  • System Optimization Tools

    Greatly increase your PC startup speed with Autorun Manager, where you can disable or remove the programs which try to load up when Windows starts up. Force-uninstall unwanted software products which take up space on your computer and slow it down.

  • Networks Tools

    Keep your connection alive while you’re away, synchronize your computer clock with atomic clock over the Internet, lookup domain names and IP addresses, measure your Internet connection speed. Troubleshoot and improve your Internet connection and local network with an excellent selection of network management tools.

    1. Download dan ekstrak file “Auslogics BoostSpeed Full Crack” ini.
    2. Ekstrak juga file patch yang berada di dalam folder tersebut.
    3. Matikan koneksi internet.
    4. Instal programnya seperti biasa.
    5. Setelah proses instalasi selesai, silahkan anda buka folder patch dan copy pastekan semua file yang ada di dalamnya ke folder instalasi program “Auslogics BoostSpeed” di pc atau laptop anda.
    6. Pilih copy and replace.
    7. Done

    Удаление ненужных файлов (Disk Cleaner).

    Дефрагментация (Disk Defrag и Registry Defrag).

    Очистка реестра (Registry Cleaner).

    Исправление дефектных секторов на жестком диске (Disk Doctor).

    Оптимизация интернета (Internet Optimizer).

    Полное удаление файлов (Track Eraser).

    Восстановление удаленных файлов (File Recovery).

    Поиск одинаковых файлов (Duplicate File Finder).

    Отлучение системных служб (Services Manager).

    Настройка автозагрузки (Startup Manager).

    Настройка процессов (Task Manager).

    Информация о файлах на жестком диске (Disk Explorer).

    Auslogics BoostSpeed Crack

    Auslogics BoostSpeed Crack is the best suit for maximizing your Computer’s operating efficiency. Furthermore, it also provides some extra features that help you to manage everything about your system. This makes much easier to every user to boost his computer and work smoothly. There are many tools which offer to improve the speed and performance of your system overall. Auslogics BoostSpeed 9 Crack protects your privacy. It also boosts up the working of your operating system.

    Why use Auslogics BoostSpeed 9 Key?

    Auslogics BoostSpeed Crack will run and check up the cause of bad performance of your computer. After that, it suggests the best solution resolve these problems. Auslogics BoostSpeed serial key offers real time Memory and CPU optimization. It also gives you privacy protection, Junk file cleanup, and registry cleanup. This tool repairs and defragments the hard drive and much more. By using this, you can shred sensitive documents, recover your lost data, and also customize your web browsers.

    There are options for opening up the disk space, boosting speed and improving computer’s stability in the home section. It scans the complete area automatically when you start the program and you can do any operation by a single click. Furthermore, Other tools are present in the various tabs. These include startup manager, a duplicate file finder, a file shredder, a disk explorer, an uninstall manager and much more. There are some advanced options also. You will find them through Settings Menu. These options enable you a deep scan which can root out more issues. There is also an ignore list, which helps you to add the registry key for that program which you want to skip during a scan. And there is also a scheduler which is used to schedule your daily scans.

    Features of Auslogics BoostSpeed 9 Key

    • It Cleans the needless files from hard drive
    • It also Cleans errors of registry
    • This tool finds and deletes the duplicate files
    • While using this, it can defragment the hard disk easily
    • It also defragments the registry files also
    • Use to boosts up the speed of internet
    • Clears the browser’s history also the program’s history
    • Manages the installed program at startup
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